No.1. Client photos

No.1.a     Super Stradella  Exprotation    Italy   Accordion     Batsheva

No.1.b  German  Accordion  Hohner  Muandim

No.2    Wechat  details


No.3   16 methods of accordion bellows machine maintenance By Su Xing

No.4     Repair process  维修流程

1、Take videos and photos 拍摄视频和照片 (Wechat sending 微信发送)

2、Express delivery of accordion 手风琴快递(Express insurance 快递保价)

3、Hand deliver accordion 亲自送达(Take videos and photos on the spot 本人现场拍摄)

4、Receiving 接受(shooting again 再次拍摄)

5、Wechat accepts billing(微信接受开单)

6、Wechat speech confirmation(微信讲话确认)

7、Send to factory for inspection 送厂检验  ( Send Report 发送报告)

8、 Send maintenance fee 客观报价。    a、Accept the price 接受报价。( full payment 全额付款)。

b、Refuse to repair 拒绝维修(Pay to express 快递到付,Appointment for accordion 预约取手风琴 )

9、Wechat maintenance agreement  维修协议

10、 Wechat speech confirmation(微信讲话确认)

11、Appointment for accordion 预约取琴(Video Photo comparison 视频照片比对)

12、Pay to express(Customer Video Photo comparison 客户视频照片比对)

No.5     remarks:

1 、Just play a single tone 拉单音即可。  Don't play scales、Arpeggio、song。    不要演奏音阶、琶音、曲目

2 、The specific source of accordion failure must be pointed out。    指出手风琴故障的具体出处

3、 Take a close-up high-definition video or photos。    近距离高清晰拍摄一下视频或照片

4、Accordion maintenance technicians (blue collar) in western countries are scarce。

the maintenance cost is huge, and the maintenance price is several times higher than that in China.


No.6 Accordion Repair Order

[1]  video shot close up. video time 5 minutes. Bellows failure,only pull bellows.other failures, only play single tone.  Don't show your face.

[2]  at video time,  dictating your location,purchase time, brand model, whether maintenance, fault source and the cause of the general situation.

[3]  Don't Dictation, Don't make a sound video or send a picture only, all be regarded as invalid. Oral video will serve as an important reference for formal maintenance.

[4] SCOPE of repair undertaken

Last century:Accordion at home and abroad

This century:Foreign Accordion, Partial brand Accordion and  domestic Accordion.

[5] Don't answer the self-demolited consultation,  Don't  accept self-demolition inspection. Don't  sell accessory parts.
it will be blacklisted such as calls, voicemails, pictures, breaking in without an appointment, and other harassment。Information will keep for 3 days.    later inquires, need to re-send the video. Please know.

[6] relevant professional knowledge (anti-virus, no retweeting).  Input website at  BaiDu.
Enter and search on 18 professional independent website by clicking on the Navigation Bar

No.7 Accordion Maintenance Service

[1] don't entrust others,if you can deliver it yourself.

[2] Reception time 14:00 pm.  several maintenance points can be parked. accordian delivery by hand (or express delivery). Don't accept the repair business of dismantled parts.

[3] three days before the notification. the departure (express) 6 hours before reconfirmation. Departure (express) immediate verification, confirmation of mutual information.

Su  Xing Accordion bellows repair 16 method

Bellows manufacturing is a systems engineering. The bellows is made of wood, cloth, angle steel, joint, sheepskin, glue, air tightness and so on.

It receives the opening and closing command of the performer,

and is connected by 16 corresponding integral parts from the outside to the inside to reach its ultimate goal.    The source of the wind, to achieve the completion of the bellows material combination.

WECHAT PHONE: 189-1702-0116

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